Reaper1x10c (2)

Thaddeus Johnson was a bank robber and poker player before he went to Hell.  Johnson and his partner Paul Huang (another escaped soul) robbed the Beakmens National Bank but killed one another over the money. Having been told by the Devil where Johnson was living Sock, Sam and Ben go to Johnson's house telling him they are there to test for Radon.  When Johnson sees that they are really there to capture him he makes a run for it phasing (passing through a solid object) through a wall.  The boys corner him and he attempts to bribe them in order to let him go (thus revealing that he has the money at his house), then takes a gun and fires one shot which pathetically misses before the three of them use a Zippo lighter to vessel him.  The lighter would later be used to also vessel Huang.  This is the second time a vessel was used to capture two or more souls (the first time being Kit and Holly).

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