The Devil let Sally out of Hell because he fell in love with her. He even sent her to live in a big mansion. When he and Sally got foot massages, he cut the guy who was doing his feet in half. He sent Sam to learn the family business from Sally. But she was not happy. So The Devil stole a veggie steamer and gave it to Sam to give to Sally. But Sam tries to seduce her to find out some juicy secrets about him. When Sam and Sally are on a date, The Devil finds them and yells at Sally and tells Sam he will deal with him later. The Devil later tells Sam that Sally is a soul and gives him a vessel. Just as Sam is about to make a deal with Sally saying that if she tells him the devil's secrets he will let her go, The Devil comes swinging through the window and knocks Sam out with a home decor and Sally takes the Devil upstairs. She was never sent to Hell, her power was seduction and extra long fingernails.

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