Reaper1x10b (2)

Paul Huang was a bank robber as well as a big time Pokwer player before before going to Hell.  Huang and his partner Thadeus Johnson (another escaped soul) robbed the Beakmen's National Bank and then got into a fight with one another and killed each other.  When he escaped Hell he returned with the power to phase (walk through solid objects.  Knowing that Huang was still into Poker Sam, Sock and Ben get their boss Ted to show them where major poker games were played and were able to track down Huang.  Using some of the stolen money which they had recovered when they caught Johnson the trio are able to enter the poker game.  When Ben throws down some of the cash which had the bank's wrapper they are able to get Huang to get up from the table where they follow him.  Huang immediately takes Ben hostage and threatens to phase him through the wall if they don't give him the vessel.  Huang then demands they bring him the rest of the money.  Sam and Sock return with duffel bags (which had been filled with Sock's underwear) the boys manage to retrive the Zippo by setting the bags on fire and throwing them over a barrier.  When Huang phased through the barrier the lighter fell out of his pocket and Sam used it to capture Huang.  This is the second time a vessel was used to capture multiple souls (the first being the 8-track tape used to catch Kit and Holly).

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