One of the Devil's children. He and Sam are half-brothers, although they are nothing alike. He seemed to be the Devil's favorite, although the Devil starts to think otherwise. He is very greedy, as shown when he stole a soul's ring. The Devil says if he could combine Morgan and Sam he would have the perfect son.

In the episode, ' The Home Stretch', The Devil forces Morgan and Sam into a competition. Whoever catches the soul first will be the Devil's right hand man and the loser will be stripped of all earthly possessions. By accident, Sam wins the competition and Morgan becomes homeless.

In the episode, 'My Brother's Reaper, Morgan finds Sam and tries to kill him. He stops halfway stating that he "never had the instinct". He remorsefully apologizes and Sam pities him and lets him stay at his place. When Sock and Ben have had enough with him, Sam gives Morgan a pep talk on finding a goal in his life and go with it. Later on in the day, Nina brings him to Tony's place where he has members of a group that follow the "Path of Steve". Upon arrival and seeing Sam, Morgan quickly draws his gun believing that his goal is to get everything back and that the only way to do it is to kill Sam. Nina knocks him over and some of the group shift into their demon forms and kill Morgan. Later on, the Devil informs Sam that Morgan has arrived in Hell and is being tortured. He also claims that he keeps calling out Sam's name; which is eventually revealed that he is casting a vendetta on Sam. Had the show been renewed for a third season it's very likely that Morgan would become an escaped soul.

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