After he escaped from hell, Jordy went after his old high school biology teacher Mr. Sprong who had verbally demeaned Jordy and made him feel like he was nothing.  Jordy has the ability to teleport during which time he would become invisible (somewhat like the power Herbrert Scrimm had to be invisible) to After failing to kill him the first time, Jordy found Mr. Sprong at Sock's house where Mr. Sprong had been taken captive by Sam, Sock and Andi.  They were able to catch Jordy by pretending to make the swap of Mr. Sprong for Andi.  Unknown to Jordy, they had given Mr. Sprong the vessel which was a Wooden Mallett.  Also unknown to Jordy they had untied Sprong so at point blank range Sprong hit Jordy.

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