When he was alive, Herbert Scrim was a hermit who hunted anyone he came upon.  He is described by the Devil as making the unibomber look like "a social butterfly." Once out of Hell Herbert began hunting and killing anyone who came into his hunting ground.  The Devil also mentions that there are now a lot more people to hunt now that Herbert's old hunting ground had become a state park. When he escapes he escaped hell he came back invisible.  Herbert is similar to the creature from the movie Predator.  The Devil later mentions to Sam that he had said Herbert was nearly invisible and had expected Sam would have picked up on the fact.  The Devil even offers Sam some glasses which he claims will let Sam "see the face of evil."  Sam however decides not to use them.  Sam, Ben and Sock end up being able to find Herbert by shooting paintball guns thus marking him.  Herbert is finally captured using a food processer called "The Magic Bullett."

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