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Gloria was a mistress to the older Harold Bunsen.  When she escaped hell Gloria had the ability to become a swarm of bugs.  It is revealed that she killed Harold's wife in the 1970s so that they could be together.  The coorilation between her ability to become a swarm of bugs is that Harold's wife was found in a compost heap covered with bugs.  She returns from Hell to continue laying vengeance on any woman who she believed to be getting between her and Harold even those that merely speak with Harold. Harold admits, right before Sam captures her, that he was never in love with her but was just "in it for the sex" and only stayed with her after he realised that she had killed his wife out of fear.  Upon hearing that he was "in it for the sex" Gloria in an enraged state says "I went to hell for you, bugs devoured me every day."  Her anger was great enough that it caused her to focus on him and not Sock who she held as a hostage. Sam sticks a coat hanger into the toaster vessel causing it to spark uncontrollably thereby capturing using the mechanics of a bug zapper.

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