Nearly all souls that have been back to hell have gone back via a vessel. The Devil described them as being forged by "the iniquitous and the vile." In the show the vessel appears randomly. They appear in old wooden boxes varying in sizes. it's usually up to Sam to figure out how to use it to capture the escaped soul assigned for him to apprehend. The reason for some is sometimes more obvious than other times for example a spear to catch the 13th century Mongolian warrior is pretty straightforward but when Sam was given a Dove in the episode What About Blob the reason Sam was given a Winter Sweater was not obvious until Sam realized that it was able to absorb things when Josie accidentally spilled coffee on it Sam realized it would be able to absorb Bobby Hartford Sr. who had become a blob. Most vessels were for a single soul but there have been occasions when one vessel is used for multiple souls such as the 8-Track Tape used on Kit and Holly, the Zippo Lighter used to capture Thaddeus Johnson and Paul Huang or the cattle prod meant for the 40 violent criminals. Some vessels such as the Nerf Gun given to Sam by Dennis would work on anything as Dennis demonstrated by firing a round at a car which was immediately absorbed. This same vessel would later be used to absorb Sam's undead father. Other vessels would only work on certain targets as demonstrated when the Cattle Prod failed to absorb Allen Townsan or when the fire extinguisher would not work on Bud Brown's friends. One vessel, a dodgeball was able to absorb the physical remains of its target when used, as towards whether there is any correlation regarding the link between the soul and its physical remains is unknown. Below is a listing of the vessels that appeared along with who the targets were how they were used and who captured the soul. 

Dirt Devil Mini-Vac: Ned Schmecker 

Soul's Ability: Pyrokinesis 

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

In life the only structure Schmecker had burn down was set at his parents house. His parent's house however had been re-built as an Elementary school and since it was the only place yet to be set on fire so Sam and Sock knew where to find him. Sam used the mini-vac to suck in arsonist Ned Schmecker as he and Sock confronted Schmecker on the roof of the Elementary school when Schmecker was about to start a fire. 

At the very beginning before Sam learns who he is and what he is, Sam begins noticing his parents acting odd and then at work notices that an air conditioning product about to fall on fellow employee/friend/long time crush. Sam jumps to try and push it out of the way but while he was too far away the object moved thus demonstrating possible telekinesis. Sam decides he needs some time to clear his head and tells Sock to Tell Ted (the manager of The Work Bench) he's going hoe sick. While going home The Devil appears in the back seat and introduces himself. When Sam got home Sam's dad informs him that before Sam was born they sold his soul to the Devil.Sam is next seen at a bar with Sam meeting Ben, Andy, Sock and Josie (Josie being a district attorney who used to date Sock). Sam drinks a mug of beer and three shots of alcohol barely stopping to breathe. Sam in the Men's Room tells Sock about what Mr. Oliver had said. Sock replies "you lucky bastard" mentioning that nothing cool happens to him. In other words the fact that Sam has telekinis and dogs chase him he views Sam as now going to be exiting for Sam.

The Devil who was waiting for Sam in his room informs Sam he is going to be working in the Earthly realm bringing escaped souls back to Hell "kind of like a bounty hunter that's cool right?" The Devil says Sam will be catching souls then bringing them to a portal to hell. Places that seem like Hell on Earth "are Hell on Earth "like the DMV on Union Street

The Devil points out the soul who broke out after 50 years. Currently he was a fireman but was told that in life the guy was a "big time fire bug." The fires around town recently were started by him. The Devil gives Sam a box telling him it has a vessel saying it was "handcrafted in the bowls of perdition by the iniquitous and the vile." Sam tells Ben what is going on saying whatever was in the box was from the Devil (Ben does not believe that). The vessel ends up being a Dirt Devil mini-vac which makes Ben believe less until when Ben turns it on and a merchandize truck is pulled backward.

The guys go to catch the soul they decide a with a three on one, unknown until they are too late the fireman in Hell gained Pyrokinesis and thus can direct fire as well as being immune to it. The fireman ended up putting Ben in the hospital.

Following the failed attempt Sam is transported to a hockey rink where the Devil (and nobody else) is sitting. The Devil recommends before throwing in the towel Sam should try to look for the motivation for the arsonist. The Devil also says "a piece of advice, I don't accept failure. Sam went and apologized to Sock and asked "remembered Ricki Shermer?" Sock replied that he set the gym on fire 7 times because they kept re-building it. Sam told Sock they need access to criminal records, their next stop would be seeing Josie at the courthouse. Sam asked if fires were set 50 years ago and said the last one was the fire station in Bellview. Josie said that it was put out before any real damage was done. Ned Schmecker was the one responsible. Ned also unsuccessfully tried to burn down the school, his ex-girlfriends place The only structure Schmecker had burn down was set at his parents house. His parent's house however had been re-built as an Elementary school so Sam and Sock knew where to find him.

Not wanting a repeat of the last encounter with Schmecker, Sock tells Sam they have to get stuff from the Work Bench to prepare for the fight. The things they get include but are not limited to goggles, fire proof clothes, and fire extinguishers, hoses as well as recharge the Dust Devil First they use the fire extinguishers. The two make the mistake of gloating, Schmecker throws Sam across the roof causing the Dust Devil to go out of Sam's hand. Ned then goes after Sock a while and the with a jet of flame. Before being able to hit Sock, Sam using earlier mentioned telekinesis and re-directs it at Schmecker sending him through what appeared to be the roof entrance and down possibly to the ground floor. Schmecker jumps up to the rood one last time and is about to attack when Sam uses telekinesis to draw the Dust Devil to his hand and suck Schmecker in the mini-vac.  The Devil later congradulates Sam and tells him "the soul is back where he belongs getting his nuts burned off for eternity." This mentioned the punishment Schmecker was recieving

Remote Controlled Car: Arthur Ferry

Soul Ability: Electric Manipulation thus giving him  access to anything that runs on electricity as well as being able to project it similar to electokinesis he also inadvertantly causes ligtning strikes

Who used the Vessel: Sam

Sam used the remote control for the remote control car as a lightning rod to absorb Ferry. Ferry was caught in the parking lot of

The Work Bench having decided to go on the offensive against Sam, Sock and Ben after having learned by Sam's own admission that he was the Devil's l's bounty hunter when the trio first attempted to catch Ferry For this soul Sam was told that the reason for recent blackouts was a soul.  With this Sam, Ben and Sock are able to figure out that was how to find the soul was to listen to places struck by lightning or where there was a blackout.  While at the Work Bench, Ted mentioned that he was bringing a generator to Armstrong hospital that the hospital paid twice what they were worth.  Sam notices that behind the sign for Armstrong hospital there was another.  After looking it up Sam reads that it was formerly known as The Arthur Ferry wing.  The reason for the change in the name was that he had been arrested.  After a brief conversation with Josie Sam learns that Arthur Ferry was an energy trader who was caught siphening electricity and selling it to other states, there were deaths.  When Sam talks to the Devil he asks if the soul is Arthur Ferry.  The Devil confirms Sam's suspicion telling him that "he was electricuted every day in Hell every day he was down there."  Sam begins to realize the reason for Ferry's attacks when he goes to a college that was attacked and sees that the building used to be the Ferry school of bussiness  Sam realizes that the reason the soul is angry is that people are taking his name off of things.  Sam suggests that donating money may have been the only good thing Ferry ever did.  

Ben while listening to the radio hears of lightning strikes on a bridge.  This time to prepare for the soul they get scuba suits from sports ware seeing how rubber will protect them.

When the guys arrive at the bridge they see Arthur Ferry powering up to take down a dam.  Under the impression that to capture the soul you need to drive the car into the soul Sam uses the remote to send the car over.  The car gets run over by a vehicle.  The guys did however attract the attention of Ferry who asks who they are.  Sam replies "I'm the Devil's bounty hunter and I'm here to send your ass back to Hell."  Ferry however escapes with a flash but fortunately he had not powered up enough to take out the dam.  The next day in the break room at The workbench the Devil tells Sam that Ferry was going on the offensive. Ferry uses his electric powers to cause Sam's Hybrid to drive itself forward forcing Sam, Ben and Sock into The Work Bench. Ferry zaps the Work Bench so the doors lock, the telephone won't work then he causes anything that can be charged by Electricity attacks them such as causing a lawn mower to chase them down an aisle or nail guns to fire on their own. The guys take cover (though Ben gets hit by a nail) and while Sam is apologizing that this is putting them in danger, Sam sees a spark on the antenna of the remote to the car and realize the car serves no real purpose other than going along with the antenna. He announces to Ferry that he is coming out. Sam confronts Ferry who tries to draw forth electricity planning to kill Sam when Sam pulls the antenna on the remote to the car to its furthest extent. "Ferry asks "what's that" Sam replies "I believe its called a lightning rod." The antenna combined with the electricity Ferry had been creating causes Ferry to get sucked into the vessel.

Defective Toaster: Gloria 

Souls Ability: Transformation into a swarm of bugs (mostly bees) then they/she sting, bite or whatever they do to kill

Who Used The Vessel: Sam

Sam used the sparks flying off the toaster as a Bug Zapper to catch Gloria. He found her in the laundry room at the apartment Horseshoe Court apartment complex. Sam stuck a hanger in it causing it to malfunction (Sam had earlier repaired the toaster not realizing that the malfunction was what made it useful) while she was talking to Bunsen who had just told her he stayed with her out of fear and that originally he was with Gloria "for the sex."

Unlike the cases where all that the Devil would do is give a vessel, he actually gave some decent hints when he gave Sam some random piece of information, The Devil gives a show of some dead bodies Harriet Sphenson age 62 her death was attributed to Anaphylactic shock, Lois Johnson age 59 she caught the West Nile Virus Fionna Beachem age 65 died from a nasty infection to a bite. The fact that bugs were appearing on whatever Sam touched led them to guess that bugs are somehow involved. The Devil told him that the deaths occurred within the last two months. The Devil advises Sam to "follow the bugs." While going for fast food the guys see a car with a bug on top of it (clearly an exterminator).  This leads Sam to wonder if the exterminator was the soul.  The guys follow the exterminator The suspicion was quickly answered as bugs flew in the van and kill the exterminator who had called dispatch telling them that they needed Public Works to fumigate for bugs.

With a dozen apartments and no idea who they were looking for other than the fact that it somehow used bugs to kill, Sock had stolen mail hoping to find some kind of lead because according to him "there is a fine line between a felony and doing something super cool."  One of the tenants Harold Bunsen had his mail forwarded from an old address.  Ben had looked over a gas bill to Bunsen which said service started two months earlier (around the time of the first murders).  In order to find out The guys go to Josie's office at the courthouse (Sock had stole keys of hers).  

In the 60s Bunsen had been the primary suspect in his wife's murder.  She was however found in a compost heap devoured with bugs.  Bunsen disappeared in 1972,  Sam guessed that was when Bunsen died and went to Hell.  The vessel was a toaster which meant they needed an electric socket. It also meant that they were going to need some extension cord which is why the Work Bench was a convenient place to have for a place to work.  Sock and Ben go to plug extention cord into the laundry room while Sam went to do re-con, Sock tested the toaster which malfunctioned and sparked so that Sock beat the toaster with a broom and broke the toaster.

Sam looks in on Bunsen seeing him place half a sandwitch on a plate for a bunch of bugs that are in the apartment.  Bunsen looked through the window and a swarm of bugs which seemed to be growing went straight for the window the guys ran for it and drove away causing a license plate holder for the Work Bench to fall off.  Later Back at the Work Bench Sock tells Sam he can't go because he is teffified of the bugs.  Ben says that the toaster was never going to work anyway but he can order parts and fix it which should take all of one day.

The next morning in a near empty parking lot where Sam was collecting carts Bunsen comes up to him and says that it is not him that is Gloria who had been doing everything, Gloria apparently was Bunsen's mistress in the 1960s according to him she is everywhere and sees everything.  Gloria killed his wife years ago and the exterminator.  She apparently is jelous and over protective.  Sam brings up the 3 women mentioned early and Bunsen's reply was that he only talked to them he advises Sam to stay away.  It is then that nearby (unseen by Sam or Bunsen) was a swarm of bees which then begins to take the shape of a women in other words Gloria can become a swarm of Bees or other bugs and move unnoticed.

Sam is next seen going down the pest control aisle for bug spray when Sock tells him "that bug spay sucks ass my old grandmother could kill more bugs than that stuff."  Sock then continues telling Sam what to get ie Bug Bombs, a backpack.  He wants to make sure Sam knows whe he cant join Ben and Sam.  Suddeny Sock becomes a little more frustrated/agressive saying God Sam its like you don't know anything sometimes.  A Fog machine? how are you going to see stupid? You'll sufficate unless you get a gas mask."  Sock keeps getting down what Sam and Ben will need making it clear he reaily did want to go so Sam asks if Sock wants to go catch the soul.  Sock and Ben start plugging in to the laundry room and plugging in extention cord when Sock bumps in to Gloria (whom he had not met) and starts flirting until a fly lands on her forehead and is absorbed.  While this occurs Sam and Ben are going into Bunsen's telling him he has to get out.  The two realize Sock is not following and go back to the laundry room and see Gloria holding Sock hostage with her arm part of which are bees.  Bunsen comes in and tells her to let him go, she replies Harold the're trying to send me back.  You don't want that do you?  He replies "yeah I do." Sam and Ben are plugging in the toaster but the vessel would not work.  Bunsen meanwhile says "I never actually loved you Gloria, I'm sorry I know I told you I did but I was really into it for the sex.  What we had was a fling, nothing more.  When I realized you killed my wife I felt that I had to stay with you but it was more fear than love.  It was all fear actually.  Gloria turned her attention and rage to Bunsen and says "I went to Hell for you bugs devoured me every moment."  While she was on this tirade they notice a light above that was acting like a bug zapper.they had broken it by repairing the toaster, to get it to malfunction again Sam stuck a hanger in it and zapped her.  The last words Sock said to Bunsen before leaving were "hey broham, never tell crazy that you were in it for the sex." 

White Dove (nicknamed Winston): : Enrico Bellafiore aka Dash Ariell

Soul Abiliy: Sword manipulation

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

Sam had been chased by stage magician Enrico Bellifiore whose sword Sam had run off with. After recovering it Bellafiore continued to follow Sam on the fair grounds. Sam realized how the actuall was meant to work.vessel worked when Bellafiore said "sad you can't even figure out how the simplest of magic tricks works." One of the things used for magic tricks is using a white dove and a drop cloth and cage Sam then threw a cover over the caged dove, said "ta-da" at which time the dove transformed into a swarm of bats and enveloped Bellafiore.  

As a way to lead Sam to the soul he would The Devil made it so things like his key, wallet, phone ect  Early beginning the Devil transported Sam somewhere where there was a truck full of apples.  the Devil gave the name Bellafiore and when Sam asked how the Devil knew the guy was ther he replied who knows its like magic.

They looked up Bellafiore then Bellafiore+soul and then Bellafiora+evil, Bellifiore+Disappear which gave the response that Enricho Bellifiore was a Magician in the 1920s featured on The Documentary "The Dark Side of Magic" which remarkably The Work Bench carried.  It told that he was a waiter who wanted to be a magician.  Bellifiore's had a specialty with swords audiences were not impressed and his show cancelled and he stabbed someone with one of his swords.  

Later while loading something into a customer's mini-van, her daughter threw an apple, there were bushels. He asked where she got all the apples and put two ans two together.  The boys decided to go check things out.  The first guess of how to use the vessel is to point the bird cage at the guy and open the door assuming Bellifiore would be sucked into the cage.  They saw a magician Dash Ariell (Bellafiore's new identity).  He levitated and moved swords through what is most likely magic.  When there was no cheering or standing ovations he invites one of the audience who was going to the restroom to come onstage.  He asks is this a real sword?  When the guy says it is he shoves it through the guys chest without leaving a visable wound or blood.  The guy he brought up would later be found with internal injuriesIt is clear to the guys that the guy just is mad because the audience does not give the respect he believes he deserves.

The next morning Sam is trying to make his keys not disappear but the car does so he has to walk.  Along the way the Devil shows up and a brief conversation ends with The Devil says oh you want incentive I can do that.  The Devil goes to The Work Bench and gives away tickets to people including Andy.

The trio not long after ask if they can have an early lunch telling Ted a story about driveway selant.  Ted pretends to have bought the story but cuts them off before they can leave and says he won't let them go to a magic show and that some guy was in there giving away free tickets.  Sam having realized the Devil is setting them up offers to work the weekend shift for 4 weeks, the night shift and even Thanksgiving.  In his hurry to get Andy out he ends up whispering "he sucks" this ends up with Sam being brought onstage because when Sam does not want to Andy volunteers and Sam replied he asked me first.  Sam is brought onstage and asked if the sword is real.  Sam says he thinks its fake, Bellifiore tells him to hold the sword, Sam does then runs offstage with it and Sam realizes he needs it to perform the magic.  Backstage Sam's view of why Bellifiore is angry is confirmed refering to them as "slack jawwed cattle."  Backstage Bellafiore manages to get the sword back by moving it sort of like telekinisis but only to the sword.  Once he has it back he comes after Sam who uses a truck to stay away, ends up getting out of the truck then being on the roof and jumping over a fence into a garbage conntainer all with Bellafiore trying to stab him where he meets Sock and Ben so they can perform the big trick.

Ugly Winter Sweater: Bobby Hartford Sr.

Soul Ability:  As a slime beast and can cause others to slime or wrap around and envelop them

Who Used the Vessel: Sock

..   The three managed to get to Gwen's house just before Bobby Sr. was able to strike by getting in the water system.  To escape Sam, Sock and Ben who had entered Gwen's house claiming they were checking for tainted water.  Which in turn caused Bobby to soak down into the sewers. The trio followed Bobby.  It was determined that Bobby was in the pipes so Sam busted them open.attacked Sam who charged (while wearing the sweater) shouting "Christmas come early this year Bobby." Bobby was absorbed and Sock and Sam got stuck to one another.

Sam is transported to a sewer where Sam is shown a picture of "A mother of two, PTA leader avid gardner local activist, slipped and fell cracked her head on a toilet."  Sam is shown next of a "Bright eyed local investigative reporter took a header down a stairwell snapped his spine clean two.  Sam getting impatient says he wants something that could actually help.  The Devil points a flashlight to the water in the sewer showing a trail of slime.  Sam follows it a little further then up a ladder sees the person who walked up,  Lawyer Ed Fazio is just driving up, the car lost control and crashed.  Sam is telling Ben and Sock about the blob and how it oozed back down the sewer and away.  The three follow up and emter the sewer with flash lights.  Before they do they put scented lip balm on to minimize the smell of the sewer.enter towards look for then follow foot prints.  They end up crawlin through a sewer drain which leads right outside Bobby Hartford Jr.'s place where there is a political fund raiser they introduce themselve as friends of Ed Fazio who tells them to "get the Hell out of here before I call the police."  Sam tells him that Fazio is dead.  Hartford seems unconcerned even somewhat happy.  Sock mentioned he bet Hartford was the soul so he turns around and tries to force Hartford to wear it.  They get arrested, Josie's boss managed to convince Hartford not to press charges but they have to stay away.  This is because Hartford is going to announce canadisy for city council and does not want to deal with the trio.  Sam asks if Hartford had legal problems,Josie said he was going to be sued for toxic dumping they finally had enough evidence for a class action law suit.  Josie said there were rumos they had done it fore years back when Bobby Sr. was in charge they deduce it is the father and that he wants to get rid of Bobby's ememies. The guys go through a dumpster to find the sweater.  The guys show Sam a picture with a picture of Ed Fazio, the reporter and the actibist who broke open the case.  while the 3 are getting out Bobby Sr. comes along and attacks but Sam and Sock get him off Ben.  The next day Sam is with Josie about to sign the ageement not ro go near Hartford, knock over some coffe which is absorbed. revealing why the sweater was the vessel.  Sam, Sock and Ben were able to deduce that Bobby Sr. would attack lawyer Gwen Gilford who had taken up the case against Bobby Hartford Jr. after Ed Fazio (the lawyer who was originally going to prosecute Bobby Jr.) died by an article on the paper.

Snow Globe: Leon Czolgosz

Soul Ability: Transformation of Hands Into Guns

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

This soul was captured by Sam at Leon's apartment when Sam threw the snow globe in the general direction. Sam briefly had to serve as a proverbial babysitter seeing as the employees of Hell get the day off on Halloween.  Sam liked talking with Leon because he found him amusing.  Sock once hid the Snow Globe in Ted's private bathroom and had Leon claim to be God.  Leon later on agreed to be released in order to track down Barney "The Butcher" Kirkwood.  Despite the fact that he double-crosses Sam because he does not want to kill "so I'm going to let dog boy do it for me."  Leon also was only going to put Sam in because Sam was The Devil's bounty hunter but did not plan to Sock getting put down in the basment that was Sock's choice.  Once down in the basement with Sam and Sock for lack of a better idea threw the globe and were  blasted out of the basement.    The next day while at therapy his therapist has to step out and Leon is approached by the guys at first he tries to change one of his hands (Sock caught him) but did change the other and point it at Sock.  Sam however said "you're not going to do that Leon you couldn't do it before and your not going to do it now you've been going to therapy working hard on yourself." Leon listens to Sam and willingly changes the gun back to a normal hand. Leon is put back in the snow globe Furthermore it is assumed that Sam was the one who re-captured him in the office.

This soul is the only real person in history his name is Leon Czolgosz.  In real life Leon was responsible for the murder of president William McKinley Leon was an Anarchist

Meat Thermometer: Barney Kirrkwood aka "The Butcher of Ballord"

Soul Ability: Hell transformed him into a dog monster. while the pusishment is not completely known, The Devil said that "spike" who is a dog was on the torture team down there." 

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

Barney Kirrkwood was a serial killer in the 1940s he chose easy victaims runaways, vagrants prostitutes  killing under the cover of night.  He would bring them to a warehouse.  The for vessel reason for the Meat Thermometer is because the slaughterhouse used to have cattle  There  were rumors that he chopped up victaims and fed him to his dogs.  That is why Spike was brought and fine up  he did with the bodies.  The first encounter with Kirkwood ended with Sam, Sock and Ben almost being torn apart and being saved only because Kirkwood had been conditioned to fear Spike, despite the size difference.  Not being able to have any other leads, the guys ask suggest another soul for help.  Despite Sam saying not to touch the snow globe vessel Leon was released.  The soul aiding in the capture of Kirrkwood.  The basement had also theorised that Kirrkwood was a day sleeper.  With help from Leon's help and stops at a Chinese restraunt, strip club and massage parlor they returned to the slaughterhouse Leon however ponted out a basement.  Leon then turned on Sam and forced him at gunpoint to go to the basement.  Sock followed despite Leon saying just the bounty hunter.  The vessel Against what was suggested SinceTthey After being locked in and subsequently having escaped from the basement of a slaughterhouse (which Kirrkwood was using as a place to sleep during the day) in Ballord. by using a snow globe vessel meant another soul  to blast their way out, Sam and Sock were once again attacked by Kirrkwood (who Hell had transformed into a dog monster) just outside the slaughterhouse. Sam found the Meat feather thermoner  which Leon (the snowglobe soul) had thrown on the ground after locking Sam and Sock in the basement. Sam grabbed the Meat Thermometer vessel.  Kirkwood tackled Sam but before he could respond, "Spike" started barking and once again with Kirrkwood's attention for the them diverted Kirkwoodby stabbing him in the throat with the Meat Thermometer.

Tazer Gun: Using Curtis Dean Mays

Soul Ability: Uses the tattoos as weapons like barbed wire, fireball, gun

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

This soul was captured by Sam in the front lawn of Detective Dan Stafford (the police officer who had arrested Curtis Dean Mays). After having taken note Curtis Dean Mays was had started killing everyone who he thought was responsible for his arrest, conviction and execution (Mays had killed his defense attorney and the Judge who presided over the case). Anticipating that the district attorney Frampton would be the next target Sam went on a stake out. He accidentally mistook Detective Stafford (who similarly noticed the pattern) for Mays and tazed the detective (resulting in him being taken into custody).

Later when Sam was taken in for questioning, he told Stafford that Mays had escaped from Hell and was killing those responsible for placing him in jail which included Stafford. Stafford allowed Sam to wait with him saying that if the soul of Mays showed up Sam was free to go. Mays did indeed show up and attack Stafford when he went to go get Sam the vessel. Before Mays was able to kill Stafford Sam fired three shots from a shotgun in the detective's police car. Sam having wounded Mays then used the Tazer gun. All this occurred on Detective Stafford's front lawn.  Briefly

8-Track Tape to the movie Love, Bullets and Blacktop: Kit & Holly

Soul Ability: Regeneration

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

8-Track Tape: Kit & Holly: Kit was captured by Sam in the parking lot of the Work Bench, Holly was also captured by Sam at Midnight auto-repair garage This was the first time a vessel had been used to hold two souls each were captured at a different location.

The first of the souls captured was Kit, Ben and Sock had posted online that they were selling a muscle car, using a picture of one that that belonged to a fellow Work Bench employee Russ. When Kit and Holly came to see the car only Kit got out of the car the souls had arrived in. Because only Kit was in range Sam was only able to vessel Kit in the parking lot of the workbench. Sam did this by putting the 8-Track in a regular 8-Track player which Sam had borrowed from Andi. While being captured Kit said to Holly "see you at midnight."

In order to determine what Kit had meant the trio ordered a copy of Love, Bullets and Blacktop which ended up being a Beta Max tape. Sam who was "borrowing" Russ' Beta player saw that Midnight was an auto-repair garage. The three located and went to Midnight garage where they were ambushed and captured by Holly who was trying to release Kit from the 8-Track tape Sam had given to Holly (unknown to Holly the tape she had was just a regular 8-Track which belonged to Russ). The three sang "Radar Love" which somehow had power over Kit and Holly. Sam was able to play 8-Track while Holly was under the calming influence of Radar Love (which the boys were singing).

Hair Drier: Dennis Greyson

Soul Ability: Reanimation through Cremated Ashes

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

Dennis Grayson was caught at the community center where Sam had accidentally left the vessel.  Sam used the reverse side of a hair drier to suck the soul separating it from the ashes it had used to form a body.  This particular soul had no earthly remains (having had them incinerated) required ashes to create a body.  The boys had discovered this after watching it use the ashes of Sara Negly to kill her son.  To stop this soul from creating a body again the trio stole the ashes of the deceased from all of the various houses.  Eventually however Grayson was able to briefly create a body using the ashes of the Devil's girlfriend's mother.  Sam and Sock were however able to temporarily trap it in a wet-dry vac.  Unfortunately the ashes Sam, Sock and Ben had stolen were in the trunk of Sock's car along with the wet-dry vac.  Grayson used all the ashes to create a body and attacked Sam, Sock and Ben once they had reached the Community Center.  Grayson made his proverbial last stand as he was sucked out via the reverse side of the hair drier.

Zippo Lighter: Thaddeus Johnson & Paul Huang

Souls Ability: Phasing (passing through solid objects)

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

This was the second vessel that captured multiple souls and just as with Kit and Holly, the respective souls were caught at different locations.

This The Devil told Sam about Thaddeus Johnson and Paul Huang had robbed Beakman's Savings Bank and that the money was never found. The Devil also showed a picture of a house recently purchased by Johnson. Sock, Sam and Ben go to Johnson's house telling him they are there to test for Radon. When Johnson sees that they are really there to capture him he makes a run for it phasing (passing through a solid object) through a wall. The boys corner him and he attempts to bribe them in order to let him go (thus revealing that he has the money at his house), then takes a gun and fires one shot which pathetically misses before the three of them. Sam sparks the Zippo lighter to vessel him.

Sam turns in the vessel only to be told by Gladys that was not complete. The Devil shows up and informs Sam that Huang had also escaped and had the same powers Johnson did. The Devil also tells Sam that Huang was the dangerous one.

Huang was captured by Sam at a Poker parlor in Chinatown. Knowing that Huang was still into Poker Sam, Sock and Ben get their boss Ted to show them where major poker games were played and were able to track down Huang. Using some of the stolen money which they had recovered when they caught Johnson the trio are able to enter the poker game. When Ben throws down some of the cash which had the bank's wrapper they are able to get Huang to get up from the table where they follow him. Huang immediately takes Ben hostage and threatens to phase him through the wall if they don't give him the vessel. Huang then demands they bring him the rest of the money. Sam and Sock return with duffel bags (which had been filled with Sock's underwear) the boys manage to retrieve the Zippo by setting the bags on fire and throwing them over a barrier. When Huang phased through the barrier the lighter fell out of his pocket and Sam once again sparked the Zippo using it to capture Huang.

Spear Gun: Phillip Carmona

Soul's Ability: Grow Enormous Fangs

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

Phillip Carmona was originally captured by Sam on the front lawn of Mrs. Carmona. Sock had gone to visit Mrs. Carmona to ask if she still had pie left. Sock sees signs of an attack followed by Phillip Carmona who had just eaten coming down the stairs. Enraged that he had killed Mrs. Carmona who was in Sock's mind the epitome of what a mother should be Sock attacks Carmona who changes into his cannibal form. Before he could attack Sock, Sam shot Carmona with the Spear Gun.

Later on when talking about how scary Carmona was versus other souls they captured such as Barney Kirrkwood who they refer to as "Crazy Dog Monster" Sam gets the idea to scare aspiring musician Ryan what would happen if he sold his soul to The Devil. To scare Ryan they release Carmona who bites Ryan's hand off following Ryan's concert at Pike's Arena. Carmona was recaptured by Sam backstage at Pike's Arena

Magic Bullet Food Processer: Herbert Scrim

Soul's Ability: Invisibility

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

For this soul, The Devil gave Sam a relatively large amount of information telling Sam the soul's name, the fact that Scrim was a hermit and hunter who was hardly ever seen and that Scrim killed anyone that crossed paths with him. The Devil told Sam where he could catch Scrim and later when Sam realized Scrim was invisible the Devil even offered Sam glasses that supposedly show the face of evil. After finding out Scrim was invisible and refusing the Devil's x-ray glasses the boys get the idea to use the security cameras that had been installed at the Work Bench (the boys steal them) as well as paintball guns in order to find Scrim. Sam ends up catching Scrim in the forest while he Scrim was attempting to strangle Sock

Bubble Blower Toy: Nicole "Nikki" Manders

Soul's Ability: Produce acid which could then be thrown

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

Sam caught Nikki in an alley not far from where a party for Seattle Style magazine's party for the 20 most beautiful women in the city.  Nikki, who in life was a very jelous model drips acid from her hand and uses it to burn other models parricularly ones who beat her for a very lucrative modelling contracts.  She aquired this ability because in life she used acid to burn her sister who was more beautiful.  

Sam, Ben and Sock go to where Nikki used to work and talk to one of the employees about Niki, the employee mentions a woman named Angela who Nikki was a rival of.  The employee mention that Angela writes at night and for a column called It Girl and that she is a party girl who goes to a club called The Crush Lounge.  

The first attempt to capture Nikki is at the VIP area of "The Crush Lounge" which Sam is able to get sneak into because Sock attacked the bouncer thus distracting the bouncer.  Nikki however spots Sam and makes a run for it before he can use the vessel to blow a bubble.  

The second attempt is a stake out at Seattle Style magazine during the night. The trio place a wig on a maniquine (who they have placed at a desk in a cubicle) and rig up some wiring so they can move the maniquine's hands, the hope being Nikki will spot the manequin attack it and they can ambush her.  This works until Sam has trouble blowing a bubble.  While attempting to Nikki runs away again and hides behind a plant thus the boys lose her again.  

For the third attempt Sam learns of the party thrown by Seattle Style and thanks to his neighbor Tony (a demon) who had been doing publicity, Sam, Ben and Sock gets tickets and Tony also gives one to Andy telling Andi Sam was going to surprise her (in reality Sam forgot about the date).  At the party Andi steps outside (while Sam takes a call) and is followed by Nikki.  The boys follow and are able to get a car when a guest mistakes them for parking vallets.  The boys bump Nikki aside and get Andi in the car.and start driving away when Nikki throws acid at the car causing Sam to do a sharp turn flipping the car upside down.  Sam gets out and using the door as somewhat of a shield blows bubbles.

Bullwhip: Cubby Bryce

Soul's Ability: A long tongue and leeches to throw

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

This was a relatively easy capture, Sam called Cubby Bryce claiming he wanted to sue The Work Bench for injuries sustained at work.  Cubby agreed to meet him at The Workbench.  Cubby met Sam along with Sock and Ben in the backroom at the Workbench.  Sam took him somewhat by surprise and while Cubby was able to let loose some leeches to try and fight back Sam was able to use the bullwhip vessel to wrap around Cubby's neck.  Following this Sock replied "Drinks are on Cubby boys" revealing that before Sam had vesseled Cubby Sock had stolen his wallet.

Scythe: Jack King:

Who Used the Vessel: Sam, Sock & Andi

Jack was somewhat difficult to pin down seeing as he could not only regenerate but could also sort of multiply by cutting off a part of the body and as the Devil put it "grow a whole new Jack." The first Jack (with the exception of a hand) was caught by Sam at a sperm bank.

After the hand got away it became a new Jack. The guys along with Andi went to the hospital after finding Jack's day planner which listed the due dates for the women who had been inseminated at the Sperm bank with Jack's sperm. The guys went to the hospital and cornered Jack who used a bone saw to cut off his hand which would grow yet another Jack. Sock left to try and track down the most recent Jack while Jack 2 threw surgical equipment at Sam and Ben one of which wounds Sam causing him to let go of the Scythe which Jack quickly grabs and uses to keep Sam and Ben at bay. Andi however opens the door to the room where Jack, Sam and Ben are inadvertently knocking the Scythe out of Jack's hands and falling into Andi's who accidentally touches Jack and absorbs him. The final Jack which Sock had been attempting to track down comes out of the are vents completely naked falling onto Sock. The nude Jack runs along the hallway but stops to look at himself when he comes across a mirror (compelled by his vanity). While looking the scythe touches nude Jack and finally absorbs the final Jack King. The person who absorbs the final Jack King (nude Jack) is not shown but presumably is Sam. This is the first time Andi knowingly (though inadvertently)participates in the capture of a soul.

Nerf Gun: Mr. Oliver

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

This vessel was first given to Sam by a Demon named Dennis who works at a storage facility. It was originally going to be used on the chainsaw creature that manifested itself whenever Andi's ex-boyfriend Greg (who had made a deal with the Devil) got angry. However the vessel is finally used on Sam's Dad to send him to Hell so he could try and help Sam find a way out of the deal with the Devil that Sam's parents had made. This vessel according to Dennis will "quote send anything to hell" as Dennis demonstrated when he shot a car.

Polaroid Camera: Mike Volta

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

The Polaroid Camera was used to capture this soul, for this one Mike attempting to charm this soul was caught originally caught by Sam in the coat closet at a fancy restaurant with a woman who had just accepted a wedding proposal. Sam then once again by Sam while he was sneaking outside Sam and Luella Carver's house (having just slept with Luella)and finally by Sam in the basement of a church.

The first time Mike was caught was at a fancy restraunt where Sam had been teleported by the Devil who Mike was attempting to charm his. Mike steps away to seduce the woman who had just accepted a marriage proposal (the Devil having challenged Mike to do so) As soon as Mike leaves the Devil says "there's a vessel under the table quick go capture him don't let him start talking." This implied that Mike is able to seduce woman easily when he escaped Hell. The Devil told Sam he wanted to come in person to make sure everything went smoothly. This is the first time The Devil was on scene for the capture (original capture). The second time being the capture of Red Sabitino, the final being Sally

While at first Mike does not seem to be an especially bad soul, The Devil takes Sam back to Sam and Luella Carver's house where the bodies lay dead along with a shotgun having implied that Mr. Carver upon learning of his wife's infidelity killed her and then killed himself. The Devil says what makes Mike bad is that he takes love and commitment and destroys them ruining peoples lives. Sam, Sock and Andi discover that the employee of Satan's who has been releasing Mike is Gladys (the DMV demon who sends the vessels with captured souls back to Hell). Sam, Sock and Andi track Mike to Gladys' house where he stabs her with a sharp blade (a mortal weapon). Sam, Sock, Andi and Ben (who wakes up from having passed out) take Gladys' body to Tony's place and decide to bury her believing her to be dead until Tony realizes she is a demon and removes the blade saying "mortal weapons, they can't hurt us. Sam, Ben, Andi and Sock take Gladys to a bar. Later Gladys tells Sam, Sock, Ben and Andi that there is a church not far and Mike likes to "slip it to the blushing bride" Gladys also reveals that the reason she had been releasing Mike to spend time with her is that she just got tired of being lonely. Sam finds Mike in the basement of the church and starts using the camera. Eventually Sam runs out of flashed and is attacked by Mike at the same moment the basement door opens giving Sam a clear shot to take a picture. The Polaroid picture shows Mike with a Green face and which is appear which presumably is what shape he assumes when he is angry. Sock remarks "its true what they say really does add ten pounds."

Baseball: Madame Ozera

Who Used the Vessel: Sock

This soul was caught by Sock in her car as she attempted to flee. Madame Ozera was located by Andi who went online and checked for female fortune tellers who worked exclusively in Tarot Cards and were open for business in the last six months. There were a total of 4. Sam, Sock and Ben choose the one who was the hottest. Sam and Sock go and test her. The fortune teller used the cards The Emperor, Ace of Swords reversed, Death reversed, The Devil. Madame Ozera tells Sam that he has recently come into conflict with his father (The Emperor standing for a father figure) the conflict is about a lie (Ace of swords stands for truth but reversed is a lie) which has to due with his birth (Death reversed) Madame Ozera tells Sam the Truth is obscured (The Devil is a card that has to due with obscuring the truth). Madame Ozera flips another card which is "The Devil" and then a third which is "The Devil" Madame Ozera realizes Sam is here to bring her back to Hell and then flips a card called "The Hanged Man" and suddenly Sam feels like he is being hanged. Sam drops the vessel gaining Sock's attention causing Sock to check on Sam and in a relative short period of time picks up on the fact that if not lifted up, Sam will experience the feeling of being hanged. Still pumped on adrenaline acquired by kissing a Succubus Sock carries Sam on his shoulders, runs to catch up to Madame Ozera who is driving away and Sock threw (with great force) the baseball through the rear windshield of Madame Ozera's car.

Rechargable Cattle Prod: Derek McCarthy, Cobra Snake & 38 other violent psychopaths.

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

This episode is the third time a vessel is used to capture more than one soul.  While on a month long vacation, souls had been piling up.  The Devil takes Sam to a warehouse filled with about 20 violent behemoth psychopaths such as  Derek McCarthy who was a "gang leader, cop killer, general all around psycho with a thirst for violence."  The a scouting mission two of the brutes armed with 2-by-fours drag a third outside where they encounter Sam, Sock and Ben.  Sam zapps the first then tosses it to Sock to take out the one close to him.  The Cattle Prod does not immediately work and this is when the guys realize it needs to recharge after each use causing the guys to run away.  Later the Devil informs Sam that there are no longer 20 souls there are 40.  After the guys have a night of heavy drinking Ben suggested that they get the souls drunk.  Using a corporate card found in the Lost & Found bin Sock bought a truck load (literally) of Beer and parked it outside of the warehouse.  The souls took the bait, drunk all of the beers even all the Zima and passed out.  Sock and Ben lowered Sam down from the roof with rope wrapped around Sam's waist & chest.  The plan works at first and Sam gets six souls before Ben and Sock lose control of the rope and Sam falls into one of them which he does capture as number seven but the seventh soul made some noise causing the others to wake.  Sam climbs a ladder to get away and zapps an eight soul then ties a fire hose around his waste attempting to repel down.  Sam does so but then falls through a window right into the warehouse.  To try and buy time Sam hoses down all the souls.  Noticing the water on the ground from the hose Sam puts the Cattle Prod to some water using the water as a conductor to catch the souls.

Spear: 13th Century Mongol

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

The reason for the spear is pretty obvious in this case, because it is a weapon of choice used by Mongols although the spear tip is the only part of real importance.  The Devil warned Sam the first thing the Mongol would do is go to a stable and steal a horse.  The Devil had warned Sam the Mongolian was "skilled with swords, spears and knives."  Sam was also told that the Mongolian could probably snap their spine with his bare hands.   scared the soldier with their cells phones because the Mongol did not understand what was making the noise.  While this occoured  tried to get the vessel unstuck from the floor he saw a rabbot and let the soul escape stealing the horse.  After wreaking havoc in the city by attacking a Chinese restraunt then Korean BBQ Ben was able to predict that the soul would where the soul was going to attack based on the fact that in the 13th century the Mongols attacked China then Korea and finally Vietnam.  Ben assertained the restraunt types attacked were attacked in the same order that the Mongols had attacked during the 13th Century.  Based on the pattern Ben predicted where the place would be  a Vietmaese restraunt.  When Sam, Sock and Ben encountered the soul at the Vietnamese restraunt, Sam tried to scare the Mongol again by using the ring from his his cell phone remembering that days earlier it had scared the Mongol.  When Sam did this the 2nd time however  the Mongol showed Sam his hands free telephone device demonstrating how quick he was able to adapt.  The confrontation and subsequential capture of the Mongol occured in the restraunt's kitchen where the Mongol attacked Sam with a pair of meat cleavers.  Sam hit the Mongol on the head with a strainer and was able to capture him using the blade of the spear (the rest of it had been cut off by the Mongol) this showed that the only important part of the vessel was the tip.

Boxing Gloves: Michael "Red" Sabatino

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

For this vessel, the reason is once again pretty self-explainetony as the soul was a boxer who in the 1950s threw a fight and ended up getting caught and thrown out of the sport.  Red had escaped for the purpose of winning the championship he never won in life.  The Devil told Sam Red had a weak spot on the chin.  The first encounter Sam had was going to the gym Red was working out in Sam ended up getting beat up.  Sam returns with the plan (thought up by Sock) to trash talk Red so he could distract Red and land the punch on the jaw.  This does not work either it just gets Sam beaten up harder so Sock armed with a wooden chair enters so that Sam can get out of the Ring.  Sam trips on a rope, hits the side of the ring and knocks himself unconscious.  Later at a bar Red says he just wants the title to prove he is not garbage and do something good.  Red said he figures it will take 7 fights in two years so asks Sam to talk to the Devil.  Since as souls go Red seems to be not a dangerous soul (as non-dangerous as a boxer can be).  The Devil refused to accept the deal.  Sam who figured out it was the Devil went to Red and told him the Devil said no and then advised him to run and that if he wanted to do good build houses.  The Devil pops up and says "I hear a lot of talking but I don't see a lot of fighting."  Red recognizes the Devil as the guy who paid him off.  Sam tells Red that it is the Devil.  The Devil says that "Boys, as far as I can tell there are two ways this is going to end, one of you will will find his way back to hell or one of you will be dead."  This implies the Devil will kill Sam if he does not get the soul.  Red began throwing punches then when he got close to Sam he said "make it look good I laid down once before for the wrong reasons, I'm going to lay down for the right ones."  Red then lets Sam capture him. While not present for the first attempts to capture Red, the Devil showed up the third attempt which was the time that finally worked. This was the second time the Devil was present for a capture or capture attempt.

Small Knife: Edmund Fitzgerald

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

After escaping from Hell Edmund Fitzgerald came back to claim all of the things that were his in life such as a ring that was in a pawn shop, a self-portrait in the Asher Gallery.  Before he died Fitzzgerald swallowed his gold coins and upon returning from Hell, he is able to vomit them and transform them into bugs which he uses to kill people by having the bugs enter the brain via the ear.  Since Fitzgerald cared only about things the first plan was steal the portrait and post it for sale so Fitzgerald would come to get the portrait and they could catch him.  The plan worked except Fitzgerald sent in his gold coin bugs amd while defending themselves against the bugs Fitzgerald took the painting.  Since the Devil wanted his son Morgan to get training to be his right hand, he had Morgan follow and try to help out on this soul.  Andi suggested that if he owned all this stuff he must have a place to put it and Ben mentioned Sam saying he was in shipping.  The guys find an old shipping yard and decide they will have to search them one by one.  At the shipping yard they find Morgan who the Devil had told the location of the shipping yard and which storage facility was Fitzgerald.  Inside are things like ancient crystal, a Beytermeyer as well as the ring from the pawn shop and the self-portrait the guys stole from the Asher Gallery.  The guys also find a list of all things Fitzgerald had owned, Mary Anne was the only unclaimed item.  Believing it to be his wife Mary Ann, Sam suggested they find her (unknown to Sam Morgan had left with Fitzgerald's ring).  Later Morgan shows up at "The Work Bench" with Mary Ann's address. which the Devil had given him.  Sam & Morgan  visit Mary Ann who tells him that if it is on the list it is his boat (which sank to the bottom of the Pacific 50 years earlier).  Mary Ann recognizes that Morgan was wearing Fitzgerald's ring.  As they are going to the car Sam notices some of the Gold coin bugs.  The two end up around the pool where Fitzgerald is approaching him.  Sam throws the knife hoping to get Fitzgerald with it but misses and the vessel gets stuck in a wooden fence.  Sam tells Morgan to give Fitzgerald the ring, since it is stuck Morgan jumps in the pool to loosen it and throws it to Sam who immediately says he will give it back (upon seeing the Gold coin bugs turning towards him).  Fitzgerald opens his mouth for Sam to put the ring in (which he does).  Sam immediately after shoves Fitzgerald backward into the hilt of the dagger that was lodged in the fence catching him. This is the first of three times that Morgan would play a part in the capture of a soul

Wooden Stake: Tracy Reed & Little Stevie (almost)

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

This vessel is pretty straightforward as Tracy Reed in life beliieved she was a vampire, in fact she was a murderer who drank people's blood.  The file that Sam is given shows the address of the soul.  Sam, Sock and Ben go there.  She starts talking and says "you can't have it your not taking it from me."  Tracy attacked Ben first kicking him into a chair, jumped on Sock's back baring fangs before she can attack Sam stabs her with the Stake.  Moments later the guys notice a book Pregnancy Birth and Baby, see things for a baby and then the baby.  When they deliver the vessel they ask Gladys what to do with it.  She identifies it as an IBOH (intentional birth out of Hell) and offers to send it down the shoot.  Unsure what to do with a baby they offer it to Tony (the demon) to be its parent.  Later the Devil shows up and says there is a small accounting error in pergutory and that Sam has to bring the baby to Hell.  The boys go to Tony's planning to vessel it when he steps out, they have trouble doing it and Tony enters seeing the boys with the Stake.  He changes to his demon form, tosses the guys around the room, and tries to explain.  Eventually Ben says they have to make the Devil not want it so Ben suggests baptism (to wash away original sin).  As they are about to do that the Devil mentally moves the crib out of the church over the lawn, across the street and has it in his hands.  Sam however doing some fast talking manages to give over the baby.  The baby who is named Stevie is not vesseled and sent to hell by the stake. 

Hand Grenade: Mordecai Nash

Who Used the Vessel: Ben

This soul was caught by Ben.  Nash who in life had his hands in everything in life.  Nash became some tenticle monster that was in the Dove Hollow Silver Mine,  It would swallow people whole and then make a copy of them that was basically the equivalent of a tenticle (human shape).  Ben, who belived that the monster had swallowed Nina went in to the mine saying he had nothing to live for.  His friends quickly talked him out only for a tenticle to grab him and pull him into the mine.  There was a flash and then Ben emerged with the grenade glowing (meaning he caught Nash).  Ben was covered in dirt.  This was the first and only time that Sam had to leave the Seattle area to catch a soul

Dodgeball: Billy Boyland

Who Used the Vessel: Morgan

This soul was caught by Morgan.  Boyland was hit by a truck while mentally undressing a married woman.  The Devil was actually briefly embaressed about this case and almost told Sam to forget about it.  But something Sam said changed his mind.  The Devil also wanted Morgan to get more experience with Hell and souls so sent him to help out.  Morgan said he thought it was benith him so offered Sam $10,000 to catch the soul give him the vessel and let him take credit for the capture.

The guys found Boyland who had no powers was non-violent and even had asma.  Just as they were about to catch him he mentioned he was a virgin.  Those being the magic words the guys decided to get him laid before capture.  Originally they were going to hire a prostitute but Billy covinced them go to "The Encounters Bar." (a bar whose clientel is single women in there 40s and 50s as well as men in there 20s and 30s).  Billy choose this because he wanted to be with Cindy (the woman he was coveting when he was killed).  While Billy did not have sex the first night but was with her all night because it was about the woman's pleasure.  Billy confessed that when he got out he found out Cindy was divorced and know he would find her.  Sam thinking it was unfair wished that the Devil for once would not win.  Sam dug up Billy's grave, used the dodgeball to vessel the body and gave the vessel to Morgan who turned it in only to have it returned because there was something that was not a soul that the vessel had absorbed (remember most vessels can only absorb souls)

The Devil came to see Sam and mentioned that by sending Earthly remains not a soul he had clogged up the system and now he had to release "The Ender" which was the Devil's "failsafe" the Ender basically destroys souls.  Sam informed Billy as well as Sock and Ben.  As it happened just as the Ender arrived Billy and Cindy had made love.  Ben's theory was that at the moment they had made love "two souls became one."  He expalained it as "The Ender lost your scent."  Billy asked if he was out for good Sam said he didn't have a vessel and Billy told them he planned on spending the rest of his days making Cindy happy.  Morgan drove up with an open window and hit Billy with a dodgeball (a vessel).  Morgan told Sam "dad told me you tend to fall for those sob stories so he sent me to do the job you couldn't do."  This was the second time Morgan was involved in the capture and the only time a soul was captured without the aid of Sam, Sock, Ben or Andy

Fire Extinguisher: This was meant for Bud Brown.

Who Used the Vessel: Nobody, the souls were thrown through Bud's portal

The Devil had a competition between Sam and Morgan, both were given identical fire extinguishers and told to vessel a soul called Bud Brown.  Sam did not want to win and even offered to help Morgan win.  Morgan came to Sam a little later and said he wanted Sam's help.  Sam found where Bud was and told Morgan "the Devil didn't say the winner had to use the vessel so told Morgan I'm going to go in there and capture him and you can turn in the vessel."  As it happened Morgan who did not originally believe Sam broke Sam's vessel and gave him a real fire extinguisher.  Sam did escape and asked Morgan what had happened to his vessel (Sam's)  Morgan told Sam he broke it and said "I just figured once you were gone this whole competition would become a whole lot easier."  Later Sam and Morgan confronted Bud who had built a portal to Hell so that his friends could escape.  There was a fight during which Bud got hold of Morgan's vessel and threw it though the portal he had built.  In the end though Bud and his friends were beaten by Sam and Morgan who pushed all three through the very portal Bud had built.  Sam pushing Bud in and accidentally winning.  This is the third time Morgan would be involved in sending a soul back to Hell and the only time a soul that Sam had to send back to Hell went back not in a vessel.

Handgun: Meant for Sally

Who Used the Vessel: Sam attempted to Catch Sally with it but the Devil interfeered

After having his pride wounded by the fact that Sally a so-called tutor in the ways of evil had come on to Sam, despite the fact that he himself lusted after Sally The Devil revealed that she was a soul and sent Sam to vessel Sally with a handgun.  The Devil however overheard a conversation between Sally and Sam where she revealed that sometimes she found him quite charming.  The Devil burst through the window and knocked Sam down taking the vessel away, telling her he was not looking for love but wanted sex.  Sally replied that if it were not for the vegetable steamer he would "not be getting lucky today."  The Devil changed his mind about wanting Sally in Hell and the job was basically cancelled.

Wooden Mallet: Jordy Boone

Who Used the Vessel: Mr. Sprong

Clown Horn: Escaped soul at the asylum(presumably an orderly)

Who Used the Vessel: Sam

Machete: Roger Lund

Who Used the Vessel: Sam


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