Billy Boyland was just looking at a married women when he got hit by a truck and was sent to hell for coveting.  The offence Billy committed was so minor that the Devil briefly felt embarressed abowut having Sam capture Billy.  When the boys find him, Billy tells them he died a virgin and wants to fulfill his dream of having sex.  Ben and Sock decide that was a reason to delay capturing him.  The boys decide to help Billy get laid.  Their original idea was to pay for a prostitute but Billy convinces them to take him to a bar to meet someone.  Billy leaves a bar with Cindy the same women he was looking at when he died. Billy later reveals that he had gone to that bar specifically so that he would bump into Cindy.  Billy tells Sam it wouldn't be right if Sam sends him back after Sam and the guys knock at the door of Billy's lover's house. Sam decides to send Billy's corpse to hell instead of his soul, which messes up the system and causes the devil to send The Ender after Billy. but Billy's soul and his lover's soul became one before The Ender came, the next day at the work bench Morgan hits Billy with the dodgeball vessel, capturing him and telling Sam that The Devil didn't think Sam had the stomach to do it.

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