a mongol from the 13th century started attacking different restarants in the same way the mongols attacked Asia. The first thing the mongol did when he got out of hell was steal a horse.  The Devil had warned Sam the Mongolian was "skilled with swords, spears and knives."  Sam was also told that the Mongolian could probably snap their spine with his bare hands.  Sam and Sock scared the soldier with their cells phones as Ben tried to get the vessel unstuck from the wall he saw a bunny and let the soul escape.  After wreaking havoc in the city by attacking a Chinese restraunt then Korean BBQ Ben was able to predict that the soul would where the soul was going to attack based on the fact that in the 13th century the Mongols attacked China then Korea and finally Vietnam.  Ben assertained the restraunt types attacked were attacked in the same order that the Mongols had attacked during the 13th Century.  Based on the pattern Ben predicted where the place would be  a Vietmaese restraunt.  When Sam, Sock and Ben encountered the soul at the Vietnamese restraunt, Sam tried to scare the Mongol again by using the ring from his his cell phone remembering that days earlier it had scared the Mongol.  When Sam did this the 2nd time however  the Mongol showed Sam his hands free telephone device demonstrating how quick he was able to adapt.  The confrontation and subsequential capture of the Mongol occured in the restraunt's kitchen where the Mongol attacked Sam with a pair of meat cleavers.  Sam hit the Mongol on the head with a strainer and was able to capture him using the blade of the spear (the rest of it had been cut off by the Mongol)  While it is never shown The Devil mentions that The Mongol had become a "blackberry toting jackass" . 

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