Greg, Schmeg
Air Date May 6, 2008
Written by Chris Black
Jeffrey Vlaming
Director Jeff Melman
Next episode "The Leak"

Andi's ex-boyfriend Greg reappears on the scene and asks her out. Meanwhile, a chainsaw psycho who Sam thinks is an escaped soul has it out for him, and Ben goes ahead with his affair, even though he fears his new wife. After some time its revealed that Greg has sold his soul to devil and can control other people´s minds, but when he´s angry he becomes the chainsaw psycho. Sam, however, has a 'get out of hell free' card, but he prefers to use it for Greg and not for himself.


This episode earned a 1.6 household rating from Nielsen Media Research.



Guest Starring

Gags/Continuity Errors

In this episode, Gladys' cat, "Fancy", is referred to as a female. However, in the next episode, "The Leak", Fancy is referred to as a male.

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"Coming to Grips" "The Leak"

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