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What About Blob?
Air Date October 23, 2007
Written by Thomas Schnauz
Director Peter Lauer
Next episode "Leon"

Mr. Oliver goes through Sam's contract.

Sam finally gets a look at his contract with The Devil, but it's in Latin and thousands of pages long.


Sam and his crew must deal with a 'toxic revenger' when the slime-covered escaped soul of a chemical company's CEO starts taking human lives. Meanwhile, the Devil delivers a copy of Sam's contract as promised... but it's a few hundred pages longer then Sam expected. The Devil also refuses a request by Mr. Oliver to a meeting, while Sam continues to drift apart from Andi after Satan sets him up to look like a bad guy in front of Andi.


This episode earned a 1.8 household rating from Nielsen Media Research.



Guest starring


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"Magic" "Leon"

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